Asset Tracking


Asset Tracking

WIPELOT Asset Tracking System (WATS , automatically checks the presence, location and maintenance needs of your business inventory.

It tracks inventory items by use of RFID and mobile technologies.WATS is a passive RFID product with hardware and software components.


Up to 100 times faster counting


A single person can do the job in less time than a team.


It is possible to reach a specific fixed asset much faster.


Tag-staff matching helps to monitor usage of fixed assets by unauthorized persons.


Minimizing the margin of error, loss of time, labor and items and relevant costs are prevented.


Provides effective management and control.

Benefits Of Asset Tracking System

  Makes quick and accurate control of maintenance.

  Checks presence of entities in a fast and accurate way.

  Provides Fast and accurate location control.

  Eliminates losses and latency to reach inventory items.

  The inventory items can be traced on real building diagrams .

  Stock adjusment due to excess or shortfall of inventory items is easily assessed.

  Fast and accurate inventory asset list is created.

  Instant access to information about stock‘s transaction log.

  Inventory database can be updated quickly which provides accurate and consistent information .

  Comprehensive statistical data supports strategic decisions.

  Determination of low-performance processes and helps to prevent relevant financial loss.

  With the dynamic nature of the system, inventory database is regularly and rapidly updated .

With Inventory Tracking System;

  upto-date information about inventory

  periodic maintenance

  asset presence checks

  inventory transactions

  enumeration and others operations can be easily performed.