Automobile / Vehicle Tracking

Automobile / Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle / Construction Machine Tracking

Wipelot vehicle tracking system is used to monitor locations, the duration of use/parking, fuel level -velocity measurements of parked or moving vehicles in bordered or unbordered areas.Using Wipelot vehicle tracking system, your vehicles can be monitored on digital maps 7x24 by GPS.Speeds, routes, stops and lots of information related to vehicles can be real time monitored.GPS data collected can be transferred to monitoring center through free licensed ISM band. System does not require any GSM service line that makes a cost item. The system provides control over whole workspace.Beside location information, it can also deliver a list of employees passing by a vehicle.This allows locations of employees in open space to be recorded also.

What Are The Benefits?

  System provides detailed monitoring of vehicles by logging their movements.

  It enables fast and efficient business planning through instant information gathered from the vehicles. ; It helps assigning the most suitable vehicle for a task regarding its instant location.

  In case of speedy and dangerous use of vehicles it warns the authorities.

  Prevents unnecessary vehicle use.

What Is The Coverage Area?

With help of Wireless Sensor Network Enhancement, the system can span up to 10-15 Km² large areas.

How Does It Work?

Mobil GPS tag gets location information from the GPS satellites.Data collected from the environment or from the vehicle is trasnferred by Wireless Sensor Network to the central server.The server collects and stores all the data data directed to itself.Vehicle tracking and management software presents this data either on realtime dashboards or reporting screens. The user monitors and manages the whole system through a cloud service.