Wireless Solutions In Tourism Sector

Wireless Solutions In Tourism Sector

Nowadays tourism industry generates very rapid growth. Related to development in the competition environment in the sector profitability and quality intensification is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Wipelot RTLS Based Client, Personnel, Equipment Tracking

Wipelot RTLS executes client activity participation tracking. Customized for the clients analysing the activities participated scope of interests are discovered. By that way, services oriented to client field of interest are offered and customer satisfaction is increased. Pertaining to intensely preferred activities are discovered. Through Wipelot RTLS hotel personnel or any equipment are accessed in case of requirement. Via real time tracking system personnel location among different floors and their locations are discovered. This either prevents time loss and also preventing the client to wait lead to satisfaction. In the hotel space safety of children is supplied by Wipelot RTLS. It determines children's place when desired. Furthermore, track the valuable properties. In case of loss or theft of the properties enables easy access to the property. In the congress organized by means of Wipelot RTLS duration of participants in the rooms and their participations at different periods are very easily discovered. In the analysis carried out in the light of those data, work processes are developed too fast.

Wipelot OTX

When the electronic devices are out of use in hotels automatic switch off, from a desired point measurement of wireless energy flow, during the day instant energy flow track are possible by Wipelot OTX. By that way, useless energy expenses will be prevented and monetary losses will have been prevented.