Warehouse Tracking

Warehouse Tracking

Realtime location (even shelves) of items are identified so that they can be quickly accessed. Increase the efficiency of counting and delivery process.

The main objective of RFID Warehouse Automation System is to increase productivity by supporting warehouse processes with RFID technology to improve the storage process and prevent potential losses. Making the integration with the central system used and integrated with all business processes, the system ensures the most accurate and fastest way to realize counting, procurement, transfer, delivery processes.

  Enumeration of inventory items at the factory and warehouse can be easily done

  input-output operations to be managed in such a way to minimize human intervention ,

  unpermitted warehouse transactions can be easiliy identified and alerted.

Advantages of RFID Warehouse Tracking System

  Enables easy and fast counting by providing reeading of multiple products at each reading phase.

  Tags will store much more data than barcode labels and allows data transfer.

  Write operations on the data tag allows can be done more than once.

  Reduces human intervention to a minimum in inventory tracking operation and enables automatic control of product entry and exit.

  Expiry date and data of specific length is stored directly on the product RFID tag which allows automatic expiration time detection at time of read

  Though initial investment and operating costs are higher compared to barcode system, they become much lower in the long term.