Innovation, R&D and Design

Wipelot Teknoloji is a high-tech company specializing in technologies for real-time monitoring of people, equipment and environments, regardless of the industry. It is capable of carrying out R & D design and production activities using entirely local resources.

With our team of distinguished engineers, we create new, functional product designs and execute prototype-pilot production schemes aligned with our company goals and the requirements of our customers.

Using entirely local resources, our R&D team constantly works on developing mechanical design, circuit design, embedded software and front-end software solutions.

The company sets itself apart from competition through research and development efforts to augment the efficiency, effectiveness and speed of our products and work processes, making it a standout star in Turkey in its field of specialty.

We keep building on our brand visibility through our grants for technology programs and patent applications.

Wipelot Teknoloji was awarded the Design Center certificate, becoming the 48th Design Center in Turkey. We are proud and happy to be shaping the future for our valued customers in Turkey and around the world with our innovative, high-tech, IoT projects and products and we thank the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for its support for technology ventures engaged in research and development, design and production.

İnovasyon - Wipelot Teknoloji